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Fractional Staffing

Instead of hiring one or two individuals, you can hire an entire team of experts – fractionally.

Key Benefits:

  • Cost Savings – can be a significant saving vs. a traditional employee models

  • Reduces Company Risk: Limits dependence on one/few employees; Faster replacement if a singular employee leaves

  • Flexibility – Scale up and down as needed determined by business conditions

  • Specialized Expertise – You have access to the expertise you need and want without the need to full time staff that exact role

You get 100% of the expertise and brain power without spending 100% of the true cost. 

A Smarter Approach to Staffing

Client Testimonials

"What makes Prime Path Medtech truly exceptional is their business thinking mindset. Prime Path Medtech works as your true partner, takes interest in your business objectives and finds the right solutions for your needs.


​I have lost count of the times Prime Path Medtech’s counsel was invaluable. Especially, when working with start-up ventures. If there is such a thing as a resounding endorsement, look no further, this is it."

CEO, Ortho FX

Ren Menon


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