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Pricing Philosophy

While we do have to charge for what we do, don't worry, we're not in the "break the bank" business. We're more like the "premium value without the premium cost” team, especially when compared to those big (or even mid-sized) corporate groups. However, as much as we'd love to work for high-fives, we can't quite swing that – a fair price will do.


Our goal is to be your team or your partner.  We take the long view and we are not in it for short-term gains, rather for more significant achievements.  We understand that as your team and partner our job should be to do our tasks efficiently and effectively.  This is why we rarely if ever do “hourly billing”.  

Why do we price the way we do

Our approach to billing is a result of my having been on the client side of the equation for most my career.  And I have always valued “productivity” over “time spent”. Hourly billing has feels like it creates some inherent conflicts for consultants to be efficient as compared to working a project to “book time”.  Therefore, we prefer “Fractional Staffing” arrangements or “Fixed Fee” options whichever is more appropriate.  We are willing to bet on our skills that we can do the tasks efficiently and effectively and create value for you.   

Fractional Staffing and Fixed Fee arrangements create perfect alignment between our teams.  You know the cost and it allows us to be as efficient as we can without punishing us for working too well or punishing you if we have to do more to accomplish a task. 

Mountains in Fog

When we work in partnership, we are sharing the work and we hope that when the project has wins, we all get to share in the “bigger” rewards.  We appreciate rewards/bonuses based on our work and your goals being met: capital raising, equity, or exits.   We never mandate this in our terms but we believe that if we do our job well enough you will feel that we significantly contributed to the overall project to earn such rewards.  And that is our mindset on how we approach your project, do what is best for you and us and if it all works, then we all share part of the rewards.  Alignment and Value. 

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