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Standalone Solutions

Discover our standalone solutions, tailored to address your unique challenges. 

Standalone Solutions:

Ideal when you have a clear understanding of your requirements and a well-defined service or problem to address. 

Quick Fixes and Customization:

Whether you need a quick fix or a fully customized solution, our standalone services can be tailored to suit your preferences. 

Maximum Results:

We focus on delivering exceptional results through our expertise, experience and business-oriented mindset.  

Prime Path MedtechTM Inc.

Your business isn’t the same as everyone else’s and we understand that.  Therefore, we know we need to listen and create a solution that is tailored to your needs. 

Our staff are trained medical device engineers with years and years of experience and most importantly they have current, hands-on experience.  This current, hands-on experience makes us efficient and provides a way for us to execute solutions in an efficient and economical manner. 

We are a small business and as such we intrinsically understand your pressures and needs. We are wired to approach projects from a business orientation first and a regulatory framework second.  This mindset allows us to create solutions that work for you and your team.   

Why Use Us? 

We are relentless, driven and professional.  You won’t have to guess what the status of your project is.  We pride ourselves on keeping you informed as your project gets completed. 

Got a complex need or need to talk something through? 

We are always happy to chat.  

Book us for a complimentary 30-minute consulting session.

As medical device engineers, our DNA is to solve problems not to sell services.


You will be scheduling a meeting with someone that can help solve your problem and not someone just looking to sell you services.   

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