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Medical Device Professional

Regulatory - Quality - Clinical Research (CRO)

Proven Partner for
Medical Device Innovators


If you know exactly what service you are looking for and just need some additional details, this is the place for you.


Are you an ambitious entrepreneur with a brilliant idea that’s itching to take the world by storm? Look no further!


Instead of hiring one or two individuals, you can hire an entire team of experts – fractionally.

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Expert Problem Solvers

Our team is medical device engineers by degree and training. Like skilled artisans, engineers craft elegant solutions, seamlessly blending practicality with brilliance, leaving no problem unsolved.


Budget Friendly

A fully Remote Workforce keeps our infrastructure price low and we pass on the savings to you. We offer Fractional Staffing, so you get the expertise you need at a price that you want.


Low Turnover

Our team has industry-leading low turnover rates. Your project leader will be there from the start of the project until you cross the finish line.

Why Choose Us


Fractional Staffing

We leverage our experience and talent to deliver a top-notch team that saves you time and money compared to the cost of a “full time” team.


Best In-Class Technology

We are preferred partners with a best-in-class EDC system (Viedoc), bringing the benefits of a world-class EDC system with a lower price point to your project.


24/7 Service

We know that clinical studies are unpredictable and emergencies are part of the job, so our project managers are committed to providing assistance 24/7.

Client Testimonials

"What makes Prime Path Medtech truly exceptional is their business thinking mindset. Prime Path Medtech works as your true partner, takes interest in your business objectives and finds the right solutions for your needs.


​I have lost count of the times Prime Path Medtech’s counsel was invaluable. Especially, when working with start-up ventures. If there is such a thing as a resounding endorsement, look no further, this is it."

CEO, Ortho FX

Ren Menon

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About Us

Prime Path Medtech™ brings together extensive experience, a cost effective model and a business outcome based approach that balances the need for regulation, business efficiency and cost effectiveness. We customize our approach so that our clients’ business goals are met.

We share values with our client innovators who have an outcome-driven mindset to improve lives through their products. Our partnership model aligns with business outcomes as a supportive partner that guides the client as we navigate together through the regulatory and business environment.

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